Sunday, June 6, 2010

Marble Slab Creamery = $15.78, the experience = PRICELESS!!

I never knew that getting ice cream could be as exciting as it was for us last night. Friday night was Relay for Life and therefore I didn't get ANY sleep at all, but I was determined to have a fun family day together on Saturday. We went to a birthday party, went to dinner at Uncle Tommy and Aunt Christy's house and then we decided to go get ice cream (because those of you who know my well, know I had a coupon!!). We had told the boys earlier that day that we would go to the River Walk, but decided to just stick with Broken Arrow to save on time since I was extremely tired. The boys were dissapointed at first, but we told them there was a pond that we could eat our ice cream at, so they quickly cheered up.
We got our EXPENSIVE ice cream (so much for the coupon), loaded up on napkins, and started walking to the pond. The second we stepped outside their ice cream started dripping EVERYWHERE!! Carter was an absolute mess, but was having a ball.

We reached the pond, sat down and the first thing we heard was "I have to go to the bathroom!". Carter needed to go to the bathroom and there was not a single bathroom in sight. Nick has taught the boys to go outside, but this was not exactly the place to be "adventurous". As I tried to decide where we should take Carter to go to the bathroom I heard a splash in the water, looked down and saw Nicholas up to his arm pits in the pond with his ice cream cone above his head. Nick ran down to help him and needless to say his ice cream was not saved.

As you can guess children with sensory problems do NOT like getting dirty and Nicholas was BEYOND dirty. I could not contain myself and was rolling on the ground laughing, even though the whole situation was very traumatic for Nicholas. What else could you do but laugh?
As we walked back to the car, ice cream covering Carter, and black tar-like mud covering Nicholas I knew this would be a trip to the ice cream shop I would NEVER forget. We got Nicholas cleaned up (in Daddy's Complete Lawn Care shirt). Nicholas decided he needed to go the bathroom "RIGHT now" and preceded to go in the parking lot by the truck and Carter (who needed to go from the get go) held it until we made it to the gas station. Even though this was not how I had envisioned our trip to the ice cream shop, I loved every minute of it because we were creating memories that will last a lifetime. It was definitely priceless!

Who wants to go with us to Marble Slab next weekend?!!

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